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How do we relate to information today? Are individuals only consumers or are we also consumed?

Almost everything we do generates information that is stored in some kind of archive or database and then read as statistics. This knowledge is then used to provide more information to return to the same individuals who had generated them, as in a cycle, and so on.
It doesn´t matter if it happens voluntarily or involuntarily. In such a strange way the individual turns into information and be reduced to numbers organized in form of statistics. The individual itself doesn´t exist as a unity but only as a very tiny part of a huge collective body.
This knowledge in form of database is then tool not only to describe the collective behavior but also to create it. This phenomenon, stressed by new media and technology, creates collective patterns of behavior that makes us extremely predictable in everything we do.

Paradoxically, I may feel me unique, free, with unlimited possible choices, perhaps more than before because now we have access to an amount of information that we´ve never had before. But actually we behave quite similar to each other.

Sometimes individuals try voluntary to be outside the statistics but then the society will try, involuntary, to find a way to get everything in its “right place”.

I want here collect informations that can build a platform to get started and develop thoughts and ideas about this social perspective. Welcome and feel free to post a comment.

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